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What is CleverForms?

CleverForms is a platform for effective business management that helps to save time and increase efficiency by fully or partially automating such workflows as marketing, online sales, dockflow, achieving business goals, customer interaction.

The platform can be used both in the local network of the enterprise and via the Internet from any device with an installed browser, without installing any additional software.

Our software products

System of electronic documents management and task management
Exchange system of electronic documents with contractors
Open API with access to all elements of the platform
NBU Web-FD web exchange system
Electronic archive system
Specialized web and mobile applications integrated with the platform
System of interactive forms of electronic documents
Billing system and user cabinet
Electronic digital signatures

Platform modules

Clever forms

  • Creation of forms for electronic documents and reference books
  • Creation of data entry rules
  • Usage of formulas for calculations and conditions
  • Links between forms, files upload
  • Differentiation of user rights
  • Visibility rules for forms and documents
  • Print templates and export templates
  • Simple form builder that does not require knowledge of programming languages

Electronic document management system

  • Development of standard routes for the documents, projects, tasks, setting one-time tasks for execution, approval, signing
  • Processing of incoming documents and control of terms
  • Electronic register of documents
  • Various notifications to participants about events
  • Calendar event reminder
  • Control of executive discipline
  • Possibility of simultaneous work with documents for different departments of the enterprise

Electronic archive

  • Electronic archive of internal electronic documents
  • Electronic archive of external documents and files
  • Assignment of parameters of archival documents: volumes, storage folders and retention periods
  • Destruction of electronic documents at the end of the term


  • Built-in chat
  • Built-in group chat (with the ability to conduct remote meetings and committee meetings with the subsequent EDS signing of the adopted documents)
  • Chat with external users
  • Sending e-mail
  • Sharing documents and files

Counterparties and Billing

  • Counterparty database of legal entities and individuals
  • Hierarchy of contractors and relationships between them
  • Binding of counterparties to document forms and their conditions
  • Billing system for accounting transactions by counterparties, access to billing of external applications
  • Users’ personal cabinet


Internal Key Certification Center (national, regional or international certificates)

Issuance of certificates to all users of the system

Login with certificate

Signing actions by users with an internal EDS



The ability of quick system deployment remotely on the client’s server
Creation and management of the enterprise structure
User and counterparty management
Document and reference forms editor
Process editor
User activity logs
Security Policy Management



Client — Web application that works in any OS with any browser at a data transfer rate of 64 Kb/s
No client licenses
One server license for one installation includes payment for all licensed third-party software
The server part uses Linux OS and PostgreSQL DBMS
No additional licensing charges


Data exchange

Access to electronic documents to users of the platform and external recipients

Exchange of signed electronic documents with counterparties through CF Exchange, the possibility of opening a permanent personal cabinet for counterparties

Data exchange with any systems via API



Open API (json, xml) with the ability to access all system elements according to access rights

Export to external applications of forms and document properties

Creation of documents from external applications according to the rules prescribed in the system

Launching and managing processes from external applications

Upload / download data to / from any systems

Link to API


Protection of information

Client software operation through access control service, no direct access to server software and database

Signing all transmitted packets between the client server

The ability to encrypt transmitted packets and databases

Getting access to data according to the rights in the system

Logging of all actions of users and external applications

up to
Reducing time to work with documents
up to
Saving of office consumables
up to
Employee productivity growth

Our desire

Using many-years experience, to create perfect IT solutions for different types of business that will best meet the modern challenges and needs of each client
Introducing the latest technologies, to contribute to the conservation of natural resources and environmental protection. Our moto is «Less paper — more trees»
Creating jobs for gifted youth, to promote the development of the national IT industry

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The company’s staff consists of experienced and young software developers, implementation engineers, consultants, subject matter experts and trainers who help the clients to implement our software in their companies or business units.

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